Council for Responsible Nutrition

Serious about supplements

The Council for Responsible Nutrition or CRN UK is a trade association representing the food supplement industry in the UK. CRN UK is leading the industry in the focus and quality of its technical and scientific work.

Food supplements include vitamins, minerals, botanicals and botanical extracts, cod liver & other fish oils and other bioactive nutrients.

Our members are the leading manufacturers and suppliers of food supplements and their ingredients. They represent the majority of food supplements found in leading pharmacies and supermarkets, as well as those sold directly to consumers.

In addition to operating in compliance with detailed national and EU law governing food supplements, CRN UK members all agree to abide by voluntary quality standards to ensure consumer safety and confidence.

Information on food supplements and their potential role in the diet

Information to help you make the right decisions

Member-only information available via the Members’ Area.

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Over the years, CRN UK has produced, contributed to and coordinated the production of an extensive library of publications, position papers and other documents.
Topics covered include:-
* Compliance practices
* Technical guides
* Quality guides
* Manufacturing tips
* Safety guides
* Dietary guides

Technical Aspects of Manufacturing Food Supplements is available in Hard Copy and eBook format.

Become a member

If your company is interested in becoming a CRN UK member, complete the membership declaration of interest form and the CRN UK Secretariat will respond as soon as your form is evaluated.

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