Some points to consider when buying a food supplement from an online store

  • Does the image of the product show ‘Food supplement’ on the label?
  • Does the web page give a table or list of the active ingredients and their amount per serving (e.g. vitamins, minerals, fish oil, glucosamine, plant extracts, amino acids etc.)?
  • Does the web page show the ingredients list and does it seem to contain all the possible ingredients (e.g. does it list the active ingredients in addition to other ingredients)?
  • Does the web page give clear instructions for use of the product?
  • Is the contact address for the food supplement and/or the website based in an EU country?
  • Is the purchase amount in pounds sterling (GBP £)?
  • If you have to answer ‘no’ to one or more of the above questions, it may be advisable to consider purchasing an alternative product.

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