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The CRN UK Council is open to all members and works on the basis of consensus between members. The CRN UK has up to four officers: a Chairperson, one or two Vice Chairs and a Treasurer, who coordinate the work of the Trade Association, in conjunction with an Executive Secretary and Scientific and Technical Advisers. The daily work of the association is also supported by the expertise of a Technical Committee and the Committee of Ethics.


CRN UK members have an equal voice within its regular Council (Board) meetings. The Council provides broad direction and strategy for the organisation and discusses and adopts policies and action programmes. The day to day management is carried out by the Secretariat in close cooperation with the CRN advisers and the Chairs of the committees and working groups.


The CRN UK is leading the industry at national, European and international level in the focus and quality of its technical and scientific work.

CRN UK produced the first industry review of the safety of vitamins and minerals and the first food supplement sector GMP guide. CRN UK now works closely with its European and International sister organisations to produce technical and scientific documents for use across the EU and globally.

In an environment of increasingly complex regulation, from contaminants to labelling, the CRN UK Technical Committee provides a very unique opportunity for companies to ensure that their business stays ahead of evolving technical and regulatory issues.

CRN UK plays a leading role in the food supplements world, bringing its technical, scientific and policy experience and experts to guide regulators and policy makers in the EU and numerous other countries across the globe.
The CRN UK provides the leading industry forum for addressing current and upcoming technical issues affecting the manufacture of food supplements.
David Richardson, CRN UK Scientific Adviser
The CRN UK is invaluable in providing rapid interpretation of the constantly changing regulatory and technical environment in which we operate. A key strength, which leads to many positive outcomes, is its collaborative approach to shaping future regulations in partnership with UK and EU authorities.

CRN Elected Officers

Parminder Sandhu

Parminder Kaur

Joe Humphreys
Vice Chair

Stuart Kennedy
Vice Chair

Violeta Dragodan

CRN Advisers

Prof. David Richardson

Prof. David Richardson
Scientific Adviser

Peter Berry Ottoway Technical Director

Peter Berry Ottaway
Technical Director

Sam Jennings
Technical Adviser

Michelle Maynard Executive Secretary

Michelle Maynard
Executive Secretary

About Us
The Team