Irradiation Compliance

Good Practice Guide on Compliance with the Legislation on Irradiation of Food Ingredients particularly for Food Supplements.
with Foreword by Jeff Rooker, Chair, Food Standards Agency.

Following serious concerns by the UK authorities about the high incidence of unauthorised irradiated ingredients in foods, and particularly in supplements, the UK Food Standards Agency convened a working group of government and industry experts to evaluate the problem and consider ways of communicating with industry worldwide. CRN UK’s Technical Director, Peter Berry Ottaway, was appointed Chair of the Stakeholder Working Group.

The working group met for three years, with completion of this guide to compliance with the EU legislation on irradiation as one of its objectives. At the Food Standards Agency’s request, this guide is hosted on the CRN UK website and is available to non-members of the CRN UK as a free download.

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