Technical Aspects of Manufacturing

‘A very useful base line manual for anyone either developing or managing the development, in any capacity, of food supplements manufacturing’

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Technical Aspects of Manufacturing Food Supplements: A Guide for […]

Nutritional risk analysis

Nutritional risk analysis approaches for establishing maximum levels of vitamins and minerals in food (dietary) supplementsPrepared by David Richardson, CRN  UK’s Scientific Adviser, on behalf of IADSA.

Risk Management Approaches

Risk Management Approaches to the Setting of Maximum Levels of Vitamins and Minerals in Food Supplements for Adults and ChildrenPrepared by David Richardson, CRN UK’s Scientific Adviser, on behalf of Food Supplements Europe.

Irradiation Compliance

Good Practice Guide on Compliance with the Legislation on Irradiation of Food Ingredients particularly for Food Supplements.with Foreword by Jeff Rooker, Chair, Food Standards Agency. Following serious concerns by the UK authorities about the high incidence of unauthorised irradiated ingredients in foods, and particularly in supplements, the UK Food Standards Agency convened a working group of government and industry …

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